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Homeschool Unrefined

Oct 7, 2019

About the time you think you’ve got homeschool figured out, it’s time to adapt again. So we’re talking about What’s Saving Our Homeschool RIGHT NOW. Give yourself credit for being adaptable and finding what works for you! We’re also sharing an excerpt from our Personalities + Homeschool classes. This week, we’re talking through the differences between S/N (Sensing/Intuition) in the Myers-Briggs 16-types personality system. You’ll hear our insights as a Sensor (Angela) and an Intuitive (Maren) and discover how understanding the S/N dynamic can impact your homeschool.


Myers-Briggs & Homeschool Class

This personality profile was our first love in the personality world. We have studied it for years, and it’s long been part of our everyday conversations. In this class we’ll go into each of the eight letters in the Myers-Briggs and how each one might affect the parent and the homeschooler. Our goal is not to get you to understand your exact letter combination (although you’ll probably come out with some ideas), but to set you on the right path to self-awareness and child-awareness. This class will change your mindset about how all of our brains are wired, and you will rest assured that you can work with whatever combination of letters you have in your home. There is no ideal homeschool personality. Homeschool can work for ANYONE! We’ll show you how! 


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Each class is $10, with all four classes bundled for just $30. (Psst... Patrons get an additional discount on the four-class package. Join us at the Squad or Super Squad levels to access these exclusive savings now!) 


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Loving This Week (LTW)

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