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Homeschool Unrefined

Oct 21, 2019

We’re continuing our fall mini-series on what’s saving our homeschool RIGHT NOW. This week, we’re talking about the e-reader that’s changing reading for one of our kids and the master homeschool plan we can’t homeschool without. PLUS we’re sharing an excerpt from our Enneagram & Homeschool Class! We look at Enneagram numbers 1, 2, and 3, and talk about how they might show up in homeschooling. Embracing Enneagram in our homeschool has empowered us to be ourselves. That kind of freedom can change your homeschool, too!


Enneagram & Homeschool Class

Enneagram is our new love. We think about it often, and the more we live, the more we see it show up as an important factor in understanding how each of us process and learn. In this class, we not only go through each number, but we teach you how each number thrives. We talk about what might be perceived strengths and weaknesses, and we equip you with ways to use them both for life-long skills. Again, the goal is not to get you to know your (or your child’s) exact number, but to set you on the path. Giving you the right questions to ask yourself, helping you notice things in your life that will give you clues to each number’s habits, needs, and interests.


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Each class is $10, with all four classes bundled for just $30. (Psst... Patrons get an additional discount on the four-class package. Join us at the Squad or Super Squad levels to access these exclusive savings now!) 


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