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Homeschool Unrefined

Nov 4, 2019

What if what saves your homeschool isn’t anything you can order on Amazon or put on a report card? We’re talking about the ways nature and self-care are totally saving the day for us. PLUS we’re sharing a snippet from our class on The Four Tendencies. This is *THE* framework that’s helped make our relationships and homeschool better, day after day.


Four Tendencies & Homeschool

This might be the most practical of all personality profiles. While other profiles focus on ideas and theories, the Four Tendencies focuses on the here and now. How do you meet expectations? How do your kids meet expectations? When we know how our kids best meet expectations, we can reduce homeschool conflict and help motivate our kids to be efficient, effective, and purposeful. This class will help you pinpoint how you best respond to expectations, giving you techniques to have a more productive and positive homeschool. And just as importantly, you’ll learn how to work with your kids’ different Tendencies. Win/Win!


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Each class is $10, with all four classes bundled for just $30. (Psst... Patrons get an additional discount on the four-class package. Join us at the Squad or Super Squad levels to access these exclusive savings now!) 


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