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Homeschool Unrefined

Feb 24, 2020

"Do audiobooks count?" We're here to shout it from the rooftops: YES! Listening to audiobooks, or "ear-reading" as it's also known, is a valuable and legitimate form of reading, with some of its own unique benefits not found with eye-reading. Let's demystify the idea of eye-reading superiority and celebrate all the amazing things about ear-reading and audiobooks!


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Highlights from this episode: 

-Listening to audiobooks can help readers develop a writing voice, understand sentence structure, boost their vocabulary, make connections with abstract thinking and metaphors, and learn naturally some elements of writing that might get missed with eye reading.

-Audiobooks are a way to help more people experience the joy of books. Eye-reading is not accessible for everyone. Plus, audiobooks can be a perfect match for differently wired kids or readers with non-visual learning styles.

-Audiobooks can help our readers to know that reading is fun, especially when eye-reading is difficult. 

-Hearing stories can help build scaffolding and support for readers as they work toward eye-reading. 

-Ear-reading exposes readers to more genres and more information at an earlier age. This can help readers grow their love of books.

-Audiobooks can give our kids the best example of reading: the best narrators, the best pronunciation of words, the best way to read the story as it is written.



26: Where We Demystify Audio Content

106: Where Our Kids Are Differently Wired With Debbie Reber

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Sparkle Stories


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