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Homeschool Unrefined

Mar 9, 2020

We recently posted a quote from Morgan Jenkins that said, “You’re not well read if all you read is white authors.” And we agree! We’re talking about the importance of diverse books with our guest, author and activist Christine Platt. Christine helps us explore the concept of books as windows, mirrors, and sliding glass doors. Plus, she challenges our ideas about the kinds of stories we’re choosing when we read diverse books: “It’s really important to show that all communities and all families experience trauma, but they also experience joy. Joy needs to be reflected in your diverse library collection.” Join us for this essential and inspiring conversation.


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-“Everyone should be reading diverse books, not just children, not just adults. To understand others’ lived experiences, to learn and understand how systemic racism and oppression affect non-white communities. For homeschooling parents to make sure that you’re aware of the world and not unintentionally perpetuating myths and stereotypes. It really boils down to expanding your knowledge for personal and societal edification. We should all be reading diverse books.”

-It’s natural for all of us to gravitate toward books that are mirrors, so when choosing diverse books for ourselves or our children, we can ask, “Am I choosing a mirror or a window?”

-How can we be critical thinkers when it comes to choosing books? Don’t just seek “diversity”—ask yourself: What is it I want to teach through this book? What is the story you want to tell?

-“Be mindful of books that only tell and show lived experiences through trauma. It’s really important to show that all communities and all families experience trauma, but they also experience joy. Joy needs to be reflected in your diverse library collection.”

-“Reading regular stories reflecting lived experiences is so powerful.”

-The benefit of reading windows and sliding glass doors for yourself is that it makes you curious, and you can see the value of giving your kids that same feeling as readers.



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