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Homeschool Unrefined

Apr 20, 2020

How can we honor ALL the kinds of learning, even the ones that don't show up on a lesson plan or schedule? How can we make room for more non-traditional learning when our kids have so much on their plates with distance learning and our own homeschool plans? How can we balance the "must-do's" with the "want-to's" and how can we value BOTH kinds of learning equally? Listen in as we process setting up healthy boundaries for our kids' workloads (even saying "no" to assignments sometimes!) and partnering with our kids to embrace the BIG PICTURE of learning all the time.


Highlights from this episode

-Are your kids asking hard questions about when this will be over? Do you have kids who are expressing increased "neediness"? We feel you!


-How are you handling this season of increased screen time? Take advantage of screen time to get your own alone time or a mental break!


-Can you get out for a walk by yourself? Solo walks are a great way to get in some quality alone time and a little reprieve from parenting. 


-Is it time for a change in your routine? Making changes doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong--it just means it's time for a change!


-Have you said "no" to any of your kids' distance learning assignments? Do you need to? Consider this your permission slip to cut back on what's being asked of your kids! YOU know what's best for your kids and YOU are ultimately in charge.


-Are you noticing how much learning isn't planned out on your schedule? How can we balance the "must-do's" with the "want-to's" and how can we honor BOTH kinds of learning equally?



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