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Homeschool Unrefined

Oct 19, 2020

Ok, but how are you doing REALLY? You’re getting the unedited behind-the-scenes look at our homeschool lives—the academics and routines we’re doing (or not doing), the stuff that’s going well (and what's NOT working), and the self-care solutions that are saving us (when we hold ourselves and each other accountable to making self-care happen!). This is the conversation we’re having every. single. month. on Patreon with our $5 Squad. Join us!


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No LTWs this week--but you get a monthly "LTW Extra" episode when you join our $5 Squad. An hour-long chat about the shows, products, podcasts, books, and more that we're loving! 



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Listener Review

chemicalhippos, 09/16/2020

"Not only is this my favorite homeschool podcast, it’s my FAVORITE PODCAST. I listen to every episode and have recently started working through the back catalog. I’m a young mom and my kids are still young but I find so much reassurance in Maren and Angela’s stories about homeschooling and raising older kids. They are like the cool older sisters I never had and inspire me to chill out and focus on connecting with my kids instead of forcing them to do workbook after workbook. I also love getting a glimpse into their long and beautiful friendship. It’s a privilege to be a part of. "

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More About Homeschool Unrefined

We are an inclusive and nonsectarian podcast. We believe Black Lives Matter, and we are LGBTQ+ affirming (for more, read our piece on Romper). We are listener supported and are donating 10% of all Patreon income and product sales to The Conscious Kid, a Black and Brown-led organization that has been instrumental in our own evolution and in leading the way in both ideological and tangible change with their work in “parenting and education through a critical race lens." Read our full ABAR Statement here and on Instagram.



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