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Homeschool Unrefined

Dec 10, 2018

You do not want to miss this packed hour where we celebrate 100 EPISODES(!!) of keeping homeschool simple, real & fun.  Celebrate with us because there is so much for YOU in this episode!  We’ll reflect on how we have changed and grown over the last 100 episodes (we asked our patrons to help us out with this, so listen for them, too!), we talk personalities and how much our homeschool has benefited from learning about them, and we tell you how you could win swag!

THANK YOU for being part of this awesome community, whether you have listened to one episode or 100.  Thank you for supporting the message that WE are enough, and that doing more is not always the answer.  Thank you for thinking differently about homeschool right along with us.  WE are changing the conversation about homeschool one episode at a time.


Ep 23: What We Don't Do

Ep 50: What We Don't Do: Holiday Edition

Ep 49: Where Autopilot Saves the Day

Ep 41: Where We Stage an Intervention

Ep 27: Where We Appreciate the Highly Sensitive Person

16 Personalities

Enneagram Institute

We are giving away swag on Instagram and our Closed FB Group, Unrefined Homeschoolers


Loving This Week Recaps

Maren: Costco Socks, Ranch Dressing Mix, Last Man On Earth

Angela: The Popcast with Knox and Jamie, AirPods, Better Homes and Gardens Dinnerware Set


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