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Homeschool Unrefined

Nov 18, 2019

Do you tend to overthink holiday shopping? Us too. But good news: We've done all the hard work for you! We've asked our kids, looked around our houses, and reviewed our Amazon histories to bring you a curated list of gifts our kids have LOVED over the years. Yep, ONE-CLICK SHOPPING. So sit back and enjoy knowing your shopping experience can be a little bit less stressful this year. All of the items mentioned can be found in our Amazon shop at


MORE gift ideas!

Last year's Patreon episode "More Holiday Gift Ideas" is available for Patreon supporters. We talked about our favorite gift subscriptions, gifts for parents (and what we're asking for this year), and our favorite homeschool-specific books for kids. To hear that episode and many more we've recorded just for supporters, go here.  


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Want to give Homeschool Unrefined a (FREE!) gift this holiday season? Use the affiliate links included in our show notes! Every time you're shopping on Amazon, use our magical link FIRST and we'll get a small kickback on whatever you purchase. Every little bit adds up, especially when all of you use the link!


HURRY! Don't miss Coffee Hour Live!

We're doing an online Coffee Hour Live on Wednesday, November 20 from 3:00-4:00pm Central! Plan out your beverages of choice and a movie/documentary/video game for your kids. We're gonna chat about the holidays and answer your questions. This event is exclusive to our Patreon Squad and Super Squad.



Put our Personalities & Homeschool classes on your wish list this year! Each class is $10, with all four classes bundled for just $30. (Psst... Patrons get an additional discount on the four-class package. Join us at the Squad or Super Squad levels to access these exclusive savings now!) 



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Simple Holiday Gift Guide

Below you will find links to every item mentioned in our episode. You can also find ALL of the items in our Amazon Shop at Don't forget to click here to browse our list of Holiday Books.


Legos - aircraft carrier, architecture buildings herehere and here.

Magic Set

Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run


Rain Cloud Tub Toy

Army Men Play Bucket

Dress Up Clothes - CapesCapesPlaysilks

Indoor Gym

Mini Trampoline

Snap Circuits

Fidget SpinnerFidget Cube

Microscope and Prepared Slides

Bacteria Plates Kit

Harrisville Designs 10" Potholder Loom Kit

Magnetic Poetry Kit

Manic Panic Hair Dye


Fine Line Markers


Coloring Books - Gretchen Rubin, Harry Potter

Washi Tape

Hot Glue Gun

All In One Art Kit

Oil Pastels

Paint Brush Kit

Charcoal Pencils

Sketch Books - 9x125x8

Slime Ingredients - Gallon GlueShaving CreamContact Lens SolutionBaby Oil


Play Dough and Kit

Spin Art

Candle Making Kit

Paint By Sticker - younger kidsolder kids

Sun Print Paper Kit


Walkie Talkies

Karaoke Machine

Compose Yourself

Camera Stand

Selfie Stick

Osmo (*often goes on sale on black Friday)

DSLR Camera

Echo Dot


Skiwampus (Out of print! Alternative: Sleeping Queens)


No Stress Chess

Wooden Tetris Puzzle

One Person Puzzles - herehere and here.



Spider Swing

Swiss Army Knife

Bow and Arrow Sets - here and here


Big Scooters

Pogo Stick

Butterfly Growing Kit



cutting boards

soda stream

cast iron pan

apple slicer

vegetable peeler

food chopper

food processor

panini grill

tea - here and here

tea kettle

water bottle


ukulelepickscaseholder and strap


music stand

egg shakers


Want more ideas for you or your family? Browse our entire Amazon Shop! And check out our bonus episode (dropping 11/19/19) "A Holiday Gift Guide for YOU"!


Loving This Week

Angela: Catlick (mentioned: Blue Babies Pink)

Maren: Greenlight debit card


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