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Homeschool Unrefined

Nov 12, 2018

Do you tend to overthink Holiday shopping? Us too! This year, we've done all the hard work for you. We've asked our kids, looked around our houses and reviewed our Amazon histories to bring you a curated list of gifts our kids have LOVED over the years. So sit back and enjoy knowing your shopping experience can be a little bit less stressful this year. All of the items mentioned can be found in our Amazon shop at

Below you will find links to each individual item mentioned in our episode. To make it easier, you will find all of the items in our Amazon Shop at

In our Amazon Shop, you will also find our very favorite Holiday Books. Click here for those books.

We recorded a special Holiday Gift Guide episode for our Patreon supporters where we talked about our favorite gift subscriptions, gifts for parents (and what we're asking for this year) and our favorite homeschool-specific books for kids. To hear that episode and many more we've recorded just for supporters, go here.  


Legos - aircraft carrier, architecture buildings here, here and here.

Magic Set

Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run


Rain Cloud Tub Toy

Army Men Play Bucket

Dress Up Clothes - Capes, Capes, Playsilks

Indoor Gym

Mini Trampoline

Snap Circuits

Fidget Spinner, Fidget Cube

Microscope and Prepared Slides

Bacteria Plates Kit

Harrisville Designs 10" Potholder Loom Kit

Magnetic Poetry Kit

Manic Panic Hair Dye


Fine Line Markers


Coloring Books - Gretchen Rubin, Harry Potter

Washi Tape

Hot Glue Gun

All In One Art Kit

Oil Pastels

Paint Brush Kit

Charcoal Pencils

Sketch Books - 9x12, 5x8

Slime Ingredients - Gallon Glue, Shaving Cream, Contact Lens Solution, Baby Oil


Play Dough and Kit

Spin Art

Candle Making Kit

Paint By Sticker - younger kids, older kids

Sun Print Paper Kit


Walkie Talkies

Karaoke Machine

Compose Yourself

Camera Stand

Selfie Stick

Osmo (*often goes on sale on black Friday)

DSLR Camera

Echo Dot




No Stress Chess

Wooden Tetris Puzzle

One Person Puzzles - here, here and here.



Spider Swing

Swiss Army Knife

Bow and Arrow Sets - here and here


Big Scooters

Pogo Stick

Butterfly Growing Kit



cutting boards

soda stream

cast iron pan

apple slicer

vegetable peeler

food chopper

food processor

panini grill

tea - here and here

tea kettle

water bottle


ukulelepicks, case, holder and strap


music stand

egg shakers


Loving This Week

Angela: This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Philipps

Maren: Billie Razor


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