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Homeschool Unrefined

Nov 19, 2019

This holiday season, let's all get better at saying, "This is what I want." Don't get stuck with gifts you don't want (we're looking at you, decorative hand towels and clunky desk calendars). Let our Gift Guide inspire you to invest in YOURSELF. You deserve it! 


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Our Holiday Gift Guide for YOU

  1. Grocery Delivery: Instacart | Shipt | Amazon Prime
  2. Clothes & Shoes: Athleta leggings (and the knockoffs) | Boots
  3. Haflinger Unisex Clog
  4. Self-Care Membership: Float Pod | Movies | Yoga | Headspace 
  5. Kayak
  6. Gear: Smart Water Bottle | Apple Watch | Yoga Mat | Art Supplies | Walking Stick
  7. Airpods
  8. Plane ticket / Airbnb
  9. Kindle Paperwhite: older version and newer version
  10. Babysitter cash and set up


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