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Homeschool Unrefined

May 25, 2020

With so much up in the air, how can we give our summer some stability to help us unwind from this school year and stay open to what the future school year might have for us? If we can do 3 things, and only 3 things, this summer, what should those 3 things be? We focus in on what solutions are going to be both realistic AND beneficial for us this summer.


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We’re taking some time off from recording this summer—our first-ever (and much-needed) hiatus.⁣ BUT!⁣ We’ll be recording new episodes for Patreon all summer long.⁣ So if you’d like to keep processing with us *and* support our small podcast business, consider joining our $5 Squad on Patreon!⁣


Curriculum Wrap-Up!

Our $5 Squad on Patreon just got our Curriculum Wrap Up! We shared the learning tools that won our school year. Patrons get the episode right in their podcast app AND a handy-dandy hyperlinked PDF! Join the $5 Squad to get in on this and all the other rewards!


BONUS Episode!

Don't miss our bonus episode with Diversity & Inclusion Expert Charnaie Gordon of @hereweeread. You'll be inspired to read more diverse books AND you'll be equipped with an amazing list of picture books!


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Our App School Guide has all our favorite apps--organized by category and hyperlinked. It’s easy to use and includes a key to let you know which apps are free and which ones aren’t. Best of all, it’s just $5


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