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Homeschool Unrefined

Oct 26, 2020

Niurka Maldonado is a certified Conscious Parenting coach and the founder of Connected Kindred. Niurka shares about her experience as a homeschool family of color. While the homeschooling community is becoming increasingly more diverse, the majority of homeschoolers are white. Niurka sheds light on the subtle ways racism shows up in homeschool spaces and offers advice for how white homeschoolers can be better allies to homeschooling families of color. She also talks about the unique homeschool benefits and opportunities for families of color and the ways she's embracing the joy in homeschooling. 


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Listener Review

myshell726, 09/11/2020

"I always enjoy listening to this podcast. Maren and Angela are funny, and they have a good balance of casual conversation and topical discussion. I also admire them for speaking out on the need for homeschoolers to become more inclusive. There are a lot of homeschool podcasts, but this is one of my favorites!"

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More About Homeschool Unrefined

We are an inclusive and nonsectarian podcast. We believe Black Lives Matter, and we are LGBTQ+ affirming (for more, read our piece on Romper). We are listener supported and are donating 10% of all Patreon income and product sales to The Conscious Kid, a Black and Brown-led organization that has been instrumental in our own evolution and in leading the way in both ideological and tangible change with their work in “parenting and education through a critical race lens." Read our full ABAR Statement here and on Instagram.



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